#39 Michael J Johnson


Birthdate: April 17, 1982

Nickname: MJ

Hometown: Garner, Kentucky

Location: Garner, Kentucky

Website: Gale Force Racing, www.fasttracksims.com

Bio: Started sim racing with NASCAR Heat in 2000. Ran some online races here and there but mostly with the AI. Moved to papy titles with 2002 and 2003 season. In 2004 finally got high speed internet and went league racing with CARS (Commission for Auto Racing Simulation).

Signed up with iRacing in 2008. Myself and a couple guys brought our team over from NR2003. Joined up with Black Magic Motorsports in 2010.

In 2011 I moved over to Gale Force Racing. The goal has always been to race with the best sim racers in the world. In 2009 barely missed making the Pro Series. In 2010 made the Pro Series but missed DWC by a few positions. In 2011 S3 made Pro and raced my way into DWC with 13th in points in the Pro Series. In 2012 finished 11th in points in DWC. 2013 didn't turn out as we had hoped. Finished 17th in points.

In 2014 FAST TRACK SIMS will be back to sponsor the #39 in the NASCAR iRacing World Championship Series for the 3rd consecutive season. Ronnie Sissney will also be back calling the shots from a top the pit box.

2010 NiPS Driver = 33rd in points, best finish 4th
2011 NiPS Driver = 13th in points, best finish 4th
2012 NiSWC Driver=11th in points, best finish 2nd
2013 NiSWC Driver=17th in points, best finish 8th

Favorite Real Track: Bristol, Darlington, Kentucky

Favorite quotation: What don't kill you makes you more strong


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