#82 Alex Warren

Birthdate: undefined

Nickname: Restart Master, T-REX, MikeHoncho

Hometown: undefined

Location: undefined

Website: undefined

Bio: I first became a member of the iRacing community back in 2009, when a couple of friends persuaded me to join. I did and I have never regretted that decision ever. At first, I was just getting used to racing other people and holding my line, because this, believe it or not, was the first simulator I've ever played. But, as the years progressed, I became better overall, in road and oval and met a lot of people along the way, giving me tips on how to be better. I can't thank them enough, everyone that I met. I always thought that I would only just be mid-pack racer and never make top splits, but here I am now, in the biggest series iRacing has to offer. I am back in the 2014 NiSWC series and I hope to make a huge impact this year!

Favorite Real Track: Chicagoland, Indianapolis

Favorite quotation: Never give up, don't ever give up!


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